Keinavo and Bonitasoft

The most powerful BPM-based application platform

Keinavo is a Virtuoso Bonitasoft partner.

Our focus is on standalone implementations of the Bonita software as well as integration with the existing software base of our customers. We have already successfully implemented applications that integrate the Bonita BPM software suite with the SAS Platform and Cloudera for a new groundbreaking Fraud detection and analysis system with advanced functionalities not available anywhere else.

Bonitasoft is a software company, leading provider of Business Process Management solutions. 

Through its Bonitasoft BPM software it easily democratizes BPM Process-driven applications from whiteboard to reality for technical and business audiences, providing a solution that is quick and easy to implement at minimal cost. Bonita BPM combines 3 solutions in 1: an innovative Studio for process modelling, a powerful BPM and workflow engine, and a breakthrough user interface.

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