Keinavo Real Time Monitoring and Alerting Framework

A modern and elegant framework for realtime monitoring and alerting

Remaining in line with new technologies has been one of the objectives and strengths of Keinavo right from the start.  From certified BI and Analytical specialists to early adapters in Big Data and Hadoop technologies, our team has always been leader.

Keinavo developed modular solutions which can be implemented in various areas of business to support you in advanced decision making.

With the development of data adapters you are able to access information from your processing systems without impacting or delaying the day to day activities.
The information coming from the adapters can be used in an appositive analytic module and used as input for important decision making.

An example of how Keinavo used it’s modules in an important Business Solution is shown in the video below.

Real Time Monitoring and Alerting Framework info

Despite the mass introduction of EMV Chip cards, some European countries experience still a double digit increase of Card related cybercrime. Main player in this increase are Card Not Present (CNP) / E-commerce transactions which quadrupled in less than 10 years. The estimated damage is close to 100 euro/year, but this amount could probably be doubled taking into consideration that Card Issuers are not keen on sharing this information.

Keinavo developed the Real Time Monitoring and Alerting Framework to support Issuers and Acquirers in their battle against fraud. This modular solution is able to easily connect to whatsoever Card processing/Acquiring platform and monitor in real-time all Card and POS transactions. Analyze the transactions using an integrated rule engine an event can be triggered.
Besides sending out an E-mail to the fraud department, the event can be an immediate Card Block in case the transaction is marked as highly fraudulent. In case of possible fraud the transaction data will be transferred to a Process Management System. This System offers a dashboard with all ‘marked’ transactions and can be used for in depth analysis by Fraud department analysts.
All information is stored in a highly protected Hadoop Cloud environment and can be used to enrich future analytics.

The Keinavo Real Time Monitoring and Alerting Framework can easily and fast be implemented without any impact on the processing platforms and ensures an immediate Return on Investment (ROI).

This video shows an Italian implementation example for real time fraud detection and analytics but has no any geographical limitations.