System Rationalization and Optimization

Best performance for your software and hardware

Total Cost of Ownership and Performance of systems can cause many headaches when trying to run lean and easy to maintain solutions. Thanks to our System Rationalization and Optimization Services, our customers reduce Total Cost of Ownership and increase Performance: customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Total Cost of Ownership can become really high really quickly. Modern information systems are built upon expensive multi-layered hardware and software architectures that can be very costly to implement and maintain.

Performance can be a vague term, and finding the causes of performance problems can be extremely difficult in complex systems with multiple computing platforms and seemingly countless software components.

We can help you define the performance problems, find their causes and implement a solution to eliminate system bottlenecks and have your system work at full capacity with maximum efficiency while at the same time providing recommendations to reduce the total cost of ownership of your systems and increasing customer satisfaction, internally and externally.

We work both at the hardware and software level to design and implement the optimal configurations for your systems. From bare metal capacity planning (for new systems or upgrades), to operating system tuning and software parametrization, your optimized systems will enable you to save considerably on time and costs.

Our service is not limited to technical tasks. We also provide software costs assessments to help our customers save on software licenses and obtain the best possible value for their investments.